About Ray's Music

Mark 13:10 - "And the gospel must be published (played) among all nations".

My music is being played in most of the United States, as well as abroad. I've been listened to in Saudi Arabia, Honduras, Netherlands, Singapore, El Salvador, Italy, Hong Kong, Denmark Norway, Philippines, Belize, Romania, Korea, Canada, Guyana, Alaska, Guatemala, Bahamas and many other countries.

A lady in Norway bought one of my CD’s and I sent her a thank you note. She asked if she could build me a site in Norwegian. Of course I said yes. She built Ray in Norway, a beautiful site in Norwegian. Later she sold over 300 CD's at concerts and fairs there. I've sure learned a lot about Norway and The United Kingdom. Thanks, Monica!

Blessings to all, and thank you Lord!

If Jesus Had A Guitar

This is the album that started it all. Recorded back in the 90s, this CD contains the hit, "I Found The Nail." The title of this album actually came from a message that I believe was delivered to me by our Lord!

Holy Ghost Ho-Down

After releasing "IF JESUS HAD A GUITAR", I began singing at gospel concerts and churches where I met artists and began to record some of their songs. Soon we released "HOLY GHOST HO-DOWN".

Gold in Turner Falls River

I lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and drove to Dallas, Texas several times a month. Turner Falls was a nice rest stop. I met a man painting pictures on rocks at the park gate. While he painted I played my guitar and sang as people passed by. I wrote “Gold in Turner Falls River”. It has birds chirping, frogs croaking, Indian drums, children playing and sounds of water running down stream. The album is printed as a Greeting Card!
P.S. Have you heard of Turner Falls, Oklahoma?

In God We Still Trust

I prayed that someday I would produce a #1 song. In Oct, 2010 we released "IN GOD WE STILL TRUST". The title song was also released on a 'compilation' by a disc jockey in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. A charting company sent a copy of the top airplay songs for November 2010. "IN GOD WE STILL TRUST" was #1! THANK You Jesus!

Songs About Heaven

This project took 2 years, and it shows in the quality of each track. Every song tells a different story with its own uplifting message. From recovering from accidents, to tales of love, this album is about finding little pieces of heaven in your own life.

Singin' for Nickles and Dimes

The song list makes this album a real winner. It has two of the first songs I ever recorded, “If Jesus Had a Guitar” and “I found The Nail”. It includes all four of my songs that hit the national charts, including the #1 song, “In God We Still Trust”. One of the sweetest songs, “Looking in the Eyes of Love”, was recorded especially for my ‘Sweetie’. The last song, “Tell Jesus”, is the most liked song on Radio Airplay worldwide.